Ellips Hair Vitamin, Hair Repair Pro Keratin




Vitamins for hair enriched by the Pro-Keratin complex and Chinese journalist oil are intended for highly damaged, stress-exposed hair, which is active chemical (lining, waving, dyeing, particularly light) and heat (sunlight, heat devices).
The composition of the simmons oil and the Pro-Keratin complex is active in the affected surface of the hair, regenerating its structure, stimulates growth. By putting into deep hair layers, it shuts the peeks gently, so the hair becomes smooth and elastic as if it slides between the fingers. This helps grow and straightened hair in the long term, or blue hair that is washed by the chemical used. As hair elasticity grows, they are less burst through the length of the hair, so there are no trace, strings, broken hair.
Vitamins present in silmonds oil help irrigate hair, give them more eyes, consists of moisture preventing the evaporation of the layer, so hair tips are protected against degradation and damage.
It is recommended that moderate thick and thick, chemically and/or mechanically damaged, and that may also be blown and straw to hair.
It’s good for cured hair.
Protects hair from heat (up to 220 C) produced by a hair dryer, claws for the construction or curling of hair, and has protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
The innovative formula does not cause the product to be fatal or difficult to hair. There’s no sense of adherence, they’re going to get fast.
In addition to GMOs, gluten, parabenes, alcohol and rough preservatives, 100 % veganic. Animal feedingstuffs are not tested and contain ingredients of animal origin.
The capsule is friendly for the environment.
1 capsule – 1 ml. It’s good for a daily trip and a trip.
It’s both men and women.


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